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Crossing the bridge

Sometime along the path you’ll get to the bridge that takes you out of that place you’ve been for so long. It might have been long enough to forget that the whole city was built by yourself, or that the bridge was part of the project.

Now, the bridge is ready and there is some walking to do…

Moore’s Law

As Claris evolves (technologically and as a business) we are starting to face new chalenges ranging from UX design to Prices and Options.

We are always trying to make things the easiest possible way for our users. And that it’s a hard path to follow as many times it’ll be much easier to drop a bunch of options in a form and let the user figure things out. But, that’s less than ideal, we aim to build an app with almost no forms!

Our niche is crowded with many competing companies, and in that ecosystem, we want to stand out by our simplicity! Even if what we are trying to solve is not simple at all.

After all, Claris is about making things easier for people,  or to “change the world” if you like.

Claris: first week in public

August has been quite a month for Claris, last 4th Rodrigo and me had the chance to give a keynote about Claris at #CordobaOnline.

Before that day Claris was a very secret project that nobody had seen or heard of. To be fair, two days before that, it didn’t even had a name, we came up with it just in time for the event.

To prepare for our keynote, we had various rehearsals. As you might imagine, we wanted  to give a stunning presentation… but we couldn’t fit everything we wanted to show in the 10 minutes the organization said we’ll have available. So we ended up with a keynote that needed almost 20 minutes to complete.

In our defense, I’d say that we  tought nobody would care… of course we were wrong.

The obvious outcome was that we couldnt finish, so we ended up showing almost nothing about Claris demo. (Yeah, we left the best for the end, and there was no time for the end, so we ended up with no end!)

Claris: A good idea

Presenting at #CordobaOnline was a great experience, for a start we learned that we have to make our keynote last less time than what we are allowed, not double. We also got a lot of great comments and reviews from the people who where present there, and of course a lot of them registered to participate in our closed beta (hint: to participate go to Claris web site).

Two days after that, on August 6th, we traveled to Buenos Aires, were we had planned a set of meetings to show Claris. We felt very warmly received as everyone gave us a lot of feedback, and praised our “Scrum on steroids” approach.

We were thrilled! We always felt that the way Claris handles SCRUM was a killer feature, but when other people start telling you just that, that’s when you get really exited.

To close a great trip, just when we were about to get back to Córdoba we got a very nice review at Unblogged.

What a great journey! At this point we are so exited and inspired that we have developed a serious Claris-addiction condition!

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