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Sometimes I wonder about what sets apart some people. Lately I’ve been flirting with the idea that it’s all about the clarity of their ideas. Mainly the clear sight of where they want to go, and all what derives from there… objectives, paths, allies and partners, the stories they tell, but mostly what they won’t do, won’t say or won’t walk, because is not in that path.


The gap

There is a gap between what happens, what we seek and the outcome of our efforts. That gap is filled with “all” of the emotions, and is also probably the fuel that provides the strength needed to accomplish our dreams. Happy 2014.

Crossing the bridge

Sometime along the path you’ll get to the bridge that takes you out of that place you’ve been for so long. It might have been long enough to forget that the whole city was built by yourself, or that the bridge was part of the project.

Now, the bridge is ready and there is some walking to do…

Grow or die

I feel like it was yesterday when a very dear friend of mine at that time, circa 2007, told me one of those simple frases that stick with you forever… I don’t know if this is going to work he said, this warehouse is almost 10 times what we have now, but I have to do it, because if you don’t grow you die.

Five years later he is still proven right and growing, and that simple frase said out loud in a small appartment in California still resounds in my head.

Now that my own company is embarking in new adventures, many time there have been where decisions had to be made, and a simple guideline like that has made all the difference.

Innovations and catching-up

After a while you realize that there is no point on playing to catch-up with the big guys. After a while you realize that your product must provide real value on its own to be competitive. After a while you find out that innovating is the only way to achieve your goals.

We are all so full of ideas, additions, killer-features that many times we get lost on that game.

Perfection is another big issue innovators have to deal with. Trying to achieve the perfect thing is not only impossible, but also an illness. “Perfection is an infection”. Maybe is hard to draw the line between “not finished” and “done”, but having it be near perfection is most probably going to kill your project instead of making it stand out.

Hi Posterous

Testing posterous! FTW xD

The Apple miracle

Apple has created a new miracle, but very few have noticed it yet: After more than 20 years  finally someone got rid of the “Desktop metaphor” for good. Say hello to the “Book metaphor”.

To be totally honest, it was Microsoft who first came up with this idea, a long long time ago; but they where too early in the game, and the hardware wasn’t capable of doing what the software was trying to accomplish.

This is the opening chapter of a revolution that will change the whole “computer experience”.

There are yet some gaps between this conception of the new metaphor, and what people are expecting from such a device. As time goes by it’ll improve, and we’ll get more used to it, this is a two ways street after all.

Changing the way we’ve been using computers for so long is not going to be an easy feat, but as productivity goes up, and rejection down, we’ll be every day nearer to what Sci-fi writers have been envisioning for so long: Gorgeous looking PDA’s that can hold more information that we can produce in a lifetime with endless communication capabilities & allowing every human to have at it’s fingertips the whole knowledge since the beginning of times.

Enjoy the revolution, embrace it & talk people into it.

As of this moment, this blog is publishing my raw thoughts.

I invite you to compare your ideas with mines and have a nice chat about them. As usual you can reach me on Twitter, Facebook, or Mail.

Today I realized that if instead of using WordPress, I had used Eximius for my blog, I could have my posts both in Spanish and English… another good reason for choosing Eximius!

My new post will probable talk about “exit strategies” for entrepreneurs. If you have any suggestions let me know.

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