My name is Pablo Micolini (also known as Pablius).

I’ve been blogging in and out since 2001 at least.

What's this blog about?

Above all things I'm interested in on-line business, techology and the web.


I have a very heavy Object Oriented background, and my coding always ends up being something cool. I've developed an open-source framework for PHP, with an ORM and everything. Lately, I'm working on what everybody else is... AI based bots :)


I was born in the cold month of July during 1984 in Córdoba, Argentina. Since then I've lived in Santiago (Chile) and Berlin (Germany). Now my home is in Northampton (MA, USA).

My work

I'm actually CTO at Travtion a software company specialized on solving the online booking dilemma.


I studied for a Master Degree in Software Engineering, I have a minor in Business and 1/2 of a Marketing major.

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