My name is Pablo Micolini (also known as Pablius), and I’m a web entrepreneur currently living in Córdoba, Argentina.

I’ve been blogging in and out since 2001. In this reincarnation of my blog, I’ve moved to a purelly bloggin platform (WordPress), before this I used to have my company CMS to do it, this is quite a shift for me.

What's this blog about?

Above all things I'm interested in on-line business, techology and the web.


I'm very PHP oriented, but having a very heavy Object Oriented background, my coding always end up being something cool. I've developed an open-source framework for PHP, that you'll hopefully hear about in this blog pretty frequently.


I was born in the cold month of July during 1984, in the same city I actually live: Córdoba, Argentina. Although I'm planing on moving to another continent with my fiancee soon.

My work

I'm actually president at Nutus, a web-software development company. I'm also involved in some super secret web projects that will see the light during 2009 and 2010.


I'm finishing my Master Degree in Software Engeneering, so that can give you a hint of how I see the world!

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