Innovation is a big deal.

Many ideas have to be tried and fail to have just one that succeeds. When your company is small and your ideas go far beyond your R&D capabilities it’s always difficult to find a balance between what you feel like might be successful today, and what the market will require in a couple of years, probably the time it’ll take for you to build it.

Also, as an entrepreneur, many times we try to guess what’s best for the market, but when done, the only thing left is experience, valuable one, but not a home run. And sadly the market has taken a very different path.

That’s the when many jump out from the ship, and embrace other ways (easier ways) of making a living…

Experience, measurable by lots and lots of interfaces, UX, and LOCs widen the gap between you and the next entrepreneur, every day a little bit more. And that is what nobody tells you.

That’s why is not about who can copy your idea, it’s not if your idea is great or lame, or if your timing is correct or off by a decade…. Steve Jobs made the NeXT computer almost a decade before the market was ready for it. Same thing happened to Bill Gates with the Tablet PC.

When Facebook went public, MySpace was the king of the world, some years later and MySpace is almost “a thing of the past”.

Btw, great ideas are all over the place, many of them never succeed.

So, it seems like, those who give advice might be right: It’s all about execution. My personal opinion: 95% execution, 5% luck.

So, when building a (software) company you can take many paths: You can reuse/resell (open source or corporate), copycat, build cheap stuff, build expensive stuff, be unique, be an specialist, be a generalist… etc.

My vision is this:  A company must invest (heavily) in R&D, eat it’s own dog-food and avoid reinventing the wheel, conquer it’s clients and be feared (in the good sense) by it’s competitors.

But most importantly, you have yo share your dream, and let the people working with you embrace it, expand it, and bring it to life.

And that is 99% of execution, but nobody will tell you.