The Apple miracle

Apple has created a new miracle, but very few have noticed it yet: After more than 20 years  finally someone got rid of the “Desktop metaphor” for good. Say hello to the “Book metaphor”.

To be totally honest, it was Microsoft who first came up with this idea, a long long time ago; but they where too early in the game, and the hardware wasn’t capable of doing what the software was trying to accomplish.

This is the opening chapter of a revolution that will change the whole “computer experience”.

There are yet some gaps between this conception of the new metaphor, and what people are expecting from such a device. As time goes by it’ll improve, and we’ll get more used to it, this is a two ways street after all.

Changing the way we’ve been using computers for so long is not going to be an easy feat, but as productivity goes up, and rejection down, we’ll be every day nearer to what Sci-fi writers have been envisioning for so long: Gorgeous looking PDA’s that can hold more information that we can produce in a lifetime with endless communication capabilities & allowing every human to have at it’s fingertips the whole knowledge since the beginning of times.

Enjoy the revolution, embrace it & talk people into it.