My view of entrepreneurship in Córdoba

For the last 10 months or so, Nutus has been secretly developing a new software that will see light really soon, it’s name is Emporika.

I’ve been dreaming about it’s functionalities since Nutus was born more than 5 years ago, and it’s with great pleasure that what I see it has become is pretty much what I envisioned (only that the real thing has a much better UI).

But what I’d like to talk today is not about Emporika per se, but about what it feels for me as an entrepreneur our actual reality is, as a group and in our context.

It’s always pleasant to see something you have envisioned get to a point where others can use it, enjoy it, etc. Even if it’s not great, or extremely popular or whatever. Also every time a new launch occurs, I feel confident it’ll be better than the last one, primarily because you learn a lot of things each and every time and also because you are older and smarter (o more knowledgeable).

Of course it’s not easy, of course planing will fail many times, of course you’ll dream with 200million users and that won’t happen in a blink… but it’ll lead you to another idea, another project, another success.

Aversion to risk is pretty high in this country, many people say it’s because of the crisis, or the government, or whatever. I think the problem resides somewhere else, let me call it “critical mass” (or the lack of it). Everywhere you’ll find people that avoid risk, that work in factories or in the government, those kind of people exist in every country, also, there are entrepreneurs in every country, and they risk it all just for the sake of showing their idea to the world. What is happening here is that we don’t know each other, we don’t help each other, and mainly we don’t share. Everyone is at home, bragging about how we’ll take over the world, but without some peer help, we won’t be able to do anything of value.

Rich people, smart people, science people, have for centuries developed “peer networks”, with a greater or lesser level of secrecy to help each other, why can’t we entrepreneurs do the same thing? And don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about PV/PVC/CV or anything like that, because meeting in a bar, to hear some “goddess” talk about how succesfull it is, and have a beer, is very far away from “finding a solution” to a technological or econommic problem that your venture might be having this week. We are not helping each other, we are just enlarging some egos.

I started proposing a solution to that problem called “Sillicon Córdoba” (I think global but act locally), at the begining my idea was to make it some kind of “socialist” solution where anyone could join, and everyone was an equal, that idea didn’t catch on… so for version 2, I’m accepting suggestions and the approach is going to be very different.

I’m not here desiring to be one of the “saved” ones. One of those who got into the right circle, made a lot of money and flew away. What I want is to create something that’ll prevail, something that can make a lot of peoples ideas succedd. I’m talking about making a better world, one entrepreneur at a time.

Yes, I’m an idealist, but I have a steady walk, slow… but steady.