New website, new topics, same author..

I started blogging in 2001, I remember those days, it was kind of hard to update everything manually you know. I think blogging wasn’t even a word yet.

I think I stopped writing circa 2007, I don’t remember exactly why, but you can see my old blog here.

I’ve been thinking about my comeback since 2008, but I wanted to use my companies CMS for that; I even installed it and had it ready to launch, it just didn’t feel right. CMS are meant for another kind of websites, at least, that is what I’ve learnt in these years.

But enough of ancient history, you’d probably be wondering what am I going to be talking around here… Well mostly about CMS, e-Business (not e-commerce my friend), Marketing, Entrepreneurs, and Web software. Also, I’m in the process of developing 2 new web apps, that will be available later this year, so I’ll probably talk about that too.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to see you around here.

Comments are very welcome, also great ideas, and of course, VC’s for future projects!